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  1. Kurt Rasche says:

    Yeah, there really isn’t much debate right now. I don’t use any of them anymore. It cost more, but I now have outsource workers that will go and write a small blurb and post the link to the 10 largest social sites. I never did see any flow from the 30 or so other sites Onlywire and company post to anyway. So far so good on doing it manually.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Kurt,

    Yes I would agree that on the face of it Onlywire is the best option, that is until you discover that they place this “via Onlywire” alongside every link they post on your behalf! Now we all know that the big “G” hates any form of automated link building, so it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that any links built using Onlywire, will actually have zero value just as soon as the big “G” casts it’s beedy eye over your links.

    I have tried to get into a discussion with them about this situation, but it would seem they are more interested in promoting their own website than your’s & any emails sent to support do not even get a reply. Can’t say I’m too suprised by that, especially as they are charging their customers a monthly fee to promote Onlywire hahaha. Nice trick if you can get away with it eh..?

    Cheers Steve…

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