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Welcome Craigslisters!


Here Are The Details For Your Special $397 Website Deal!

Max Power Marketing is a NV State and Clark County Licensed Business since 2007.
We are a real company building real websites!


Now let’s recap your deal in greater detail:

You will receive a Semi-custom site that contains: A Homepage, Contact Page, Full Feature Blog, Site map and Legal Pages (Disclaimer, Terms, Privacy Policy). We will also show you how to add endless pages to your website and how to post to your newly created blog. You will be able to completely change and control your site’s content when completed. 

Only $397



Here is a breakdown of some of the details:


  • WordPress Website Built, Loaded & Hosted For One Year!
    • This is Shared Hosting on HostMonster – You will NOT have Cpanel Access, but you will be able to make changes to your website through WordPress.
  • Custom Banner with A Logo Made For Your Company
    • This will be a logo you can use freely everywhere. It would be to general and “unlikely” for it to be Trademark-able (although not impossible)
    • Custom Logos are available and Trademark-able, but at an added cost (Starting at $297)
  • Free Domain Name (1 Year)
    • After 1 year you have the option of taking your website somewhere else or hosting it with us for only $75 a year (This includes Domain Renewal)
  • Optimized Pictures and/or Videos (You Supply – We Optimize)
    • We will make sure any photos or videos you send us will be appropriatly sized & made into a PNG image files or MP4 video files for a fast loading website.
  • Search Engine Friendly
    • The website will be “SEO Friendly”, not “SEO Ready”. Anyone, including yourself, will have easy access within the WordPress User Interface to tweak the site for Search Engine Optimization purposes. (There are also an additional service we provide OUTSIDE of this deal).
  • Our Personal Pick Of Top Quality Plug Ins
    • These are the top FREE Plug-ins we use every day and a couple premium ones that we have the developer rights to. 
    • Plug-ins are “add-ons” to a WordPress website. They make certain tasks easier to do and automate some tasks so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • General Legal Pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Terms of Service) That You Can Change
    • This happens to be one of the “premium” plug-ins I spoke of earlier. This will automatically generate a general set of legal pages for your website.
    • Legal pages are a MUST for any business online (although these pages are thorough – they are general).
    • Have your attorney look them over or create new ones specific to your business model. I am not an attorney and the legal pages are “as is” and NOT legal advise
  • One Revision After Website Is Built
    • This would be a revision (not correcting any mistakes we make – those would be free of charge)
  • Training Videos To Run Your Website ($297 Value)
    • Video Training on WordPress in general. It is broken down into sections so you would only need to watch the videos you need when you need them.

What Must Be Provided By You:

  • Your company logo if any
  • Choice of colors for the website (if any)
  • Stock photos you have purchased and/or photos you own
  • The name of your business, phone number and full address
  • The content you want on your home page.
  • Any videos you would like on your home page (optional)
  • Your Payment of $397 

Only $397


Stock photos and content can be provided at an extra charge.



If you are looking for a more robust website and marketing services, please navigate this site for more information or give us a call at 702.445.4912.