Is It Important To Have A Mobile Website?

Why Does A Small Business Need A Mobile Website?


How can you become THE business for what your potential client needs? 


Mobile devices have forever changed the way most people are searching. So much so the Google made it’s largest change in 15 years (Hummingbird Update).

Your online site should be straight to the point, give people easy options and ABOVE ALL ELSE – Answer the question they just asked their phone!


Do I need a mobile website?e.g. You are driving home from work and want to try out the new pizza place on the way. You can’t remember the name, so you go to Google or Siri and say “Where can I find the best pizza?”. Up pops all the pizza places in Google (or Apple’s Siri) along with a map, directions, phone number and possibly a way to order right there on the phone. You found the business you were looking for. 


What happens when they click on the website they just found on their cell?


You will either go to their main website which will be super tiny and basically unreadable on a phone. You can try and enlarge it and scroll around, but frustration sets in and you look for an easier option . The beautiful website made for a computer just lost you business. Why? because its a nightmare on a smart phone to find what you want.


You go to their mobile website: It has a nice clear banner at the top and right below in plain view are the tap-able buttons that say:

  • Tap For Full Menu
  • Tap To Call Us
  • Tap To Text Your Order
  • Tap To Email Us
  • Tap For Directions
  • Specials and Coupons


Which of those two experiences would you like to see if you were the one searching on a phone?

The mobile site is the obvious answer. All the information you wanted in a simple, plain site:

  • The menu
  • A way to place an order
  • Phone number
  • Easy directions

Can you see how this may up your sales for people searching for your business from their phones?


Studies have shown that people are more likely to purchase after searching on a smart phone than a desktop or laptop.

People searching on smart phones are ready to “take action”.

Would you like Max Power Marketing’s expert mobile web design team help your business get ahead of the curve (and your competitors) by making this a reality TODAY?


We have everything you need to make your mobile site a money generating machine.


Google has come right out and said that websites that have a mobile version get preferential treatment.

You may save money with lower AdWords pricing or better search engine rankings, just for having a mobile version of your website.


 Why would Google do that?


Google is all about giving the searcher what they want and when searchers are using a smart phone – they want a mobile ready, easy to use, readable site.

This was proven again just recently with the release of their new algorithym updates. Google knows that the balance of power has shifted and cell phones have never been as powerful as they are right now. This growth will not stop any time soon. It’s time to jump abourd or be left behind.

Max Power Marketing is the monorail bullet train amoung our “coal shoveling” competition. Jump on the fast track today.

Contact us today to get a jump start in your industry – It is like 1995 all over again, deciding if you should ‘invest’ in a website. This time, jump in BEFORE it becomes the norm.

(That last line was written 2 years ago – It is NOW the norm!)