Finding niche keywords is absolutely critical, but let’s make it simpler. Given that you already have your niche product and a well-versed article about it. I believe that you are now ready to build your own website or blog.Do you think you are ready and have everything you need?

Before you create your niche website you first need to learn how to do niche keyword research. Just like regular keyword research, you are looking for words that people usually type in the search engines to find what you are selling.

Let’s change our niche product to one of Max Power Marketing’s services. Our main objective now becomes picking the RIGHT keywords that associates to the Max Power Marketing service we are pushing. When writing our article or blog post, we will target the keywords we found that people are looking up when they need “web design”, “website security”, “mobile web design” and so on.  Our goal is to get as many “Long Tail Keywords” ranked so our website will be visible on the very first page or ultimately, in the #1 spot.


How To Do Niche Keyword Research?

I came up with three simple steps on how to do this and I would like to share this with you.

First, you need to brainstorm what could possibly be the exact keyword or keywords the buyer might type in the search engines when trying to find a product like our niche. Since Max Power Marketing offers a wide variety of services, we would use a tool like the Google AdWords Tool or Market Samurai to find good keywords that associate with each service. Let’s just take for example, web design.

There are possibly hundreds of different keywords popping up in your mind. To avoid forgetting all your ideas, it is very important that you write it down right away. In order to do this, you need to make a “niche data workbook”. This will help you keep track of your keywords and competition research for niche opportunities.

Secondly, from the URL slot, we would type This will redirect you to the free tool from Google that allows you to check and see what the HOT keywords are on the Internet that associate with your niche product – “web design”. Refer back to your niche data workbook for possible keywords to look for. Once you have hundreds of keywords, it is advisable that you write all the results in your data sheets for future use.

Third and lastly, from all the results that you gathered from the AdWords tool, you have to find out what keyword or keywords has the highest number of searches and the keywords with less competition. From this, you use long tail keywords that you think are best for your blog. You are now ready to create a website or blog for your “web design” niche.


Are We Done Yet?

Now that you have everything done, including your amazing website with a well-versed and well-written article in it, you suddenly realize a painful fact. It becomes clearer and clearer as time passes that your niche marketing efforts are failing. What do you do? Do you quit? Put your head in your hands and cry in front of your computer, not accepting this as a part of internet marketing?

Would you just let all your time and effort go to waste and turn to dust, as in ZERO, NOTHING?

Definitely NOT! As an online marketer, where there are millions of competitors out there, it is essential that you don’t lose your FOCUS. You need to be ready and alert for whatever the outcome may be and adjust. Staying focused will help you find your way back on track to success. How do you get back on your feet and on track to success when everything seems to be failing? THAT we will discuss in my next post.