Niche marketing is like taking the whole, big supermarket and focusing on selling or marketing one specific product. This specific product is now called our niche product/niche marketing. It is a small business that makes a lot of money without you having to compete with the big companies. You just have to focus and give full attention and effort on one specific thing, product or service to market.

Flowchart on a chalk board

Let me give you an example:

Let’s use Johnson & Johnson for our first example. I live in the Philippines and was not really aware of Johnson & Johnson’s different baby products until I became a mother. Johnson & Johnson has baby powder, baby oil, baby soap, and so on. Since Johnson & Johnson has way too many products to be considered a “niche”, so let’s just choose ONE of the products from their product line. Let’s choose Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Wipes and market it. That would be my niche product.

Just to make sure that I’m getting my point made, I will give you another example.

Let’s just say we are going to market a mobile phone. We’ll need to choose two mobile phones from the thousands of mobile phones to choose from. Let’s just say we choose the iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S III . We would have to write a review on both these products and explain what the different features are for these phones and what it could offer its users.

You also need to write how they differ from each other. You need to be honest with your review. You can look all over the Internet through search engines to gather some comments from users and also see what features are more in demand between the two. Add this information to your review. Now post your review on all the blog networks and leave a link to your site in it. You could have an affiliate link for eBay,,, etc. Wherever you want to sell these phones or to whomever will give you the best commissions. This is what niche marketing all about.

Now that we understand what niche marketing is, let’s move on to the next piece of the puzzle, the Niche Keyword Research.