Does A Website Need SEO?


Does A Website Need SEO? (Search Engine Optimization) 

Absolutely! If you have a marketing budget (or know how much you can invest in your business) why wouldn’t you?

It is important to plan ahead in your online business (or any business for that matter). If you don’t market, how will anyone find you to buy anything from you?

Who is the best SEO in Las Vegas? 


Why do you want to have SEO?

Let me break it down with an analogy that can explain it better than a bunch of technical jargon:

Like a tree (your website) in the desert (the Internet), it needs water (content) and fertilizer (links).

There are 3 ways you can go:

1. You plant your seed , but you never give it any water or food! Not only will it die, but it will never leave the stage of being a seed. This is much like throwing up a template websites (do-it -yourself) or hiring an armature web designer because you are looking to ‘save money’ and find the cheapest way to get “online”. You’ll end up losing business, time, and worst of all, you’ll think that the internet doesn’t work.

2. You plant your seed and then pour buckets of water and fertilizer on it for a week straight. You end up drowning the seed and end with the same result. Your tree may start to grow, but soon after you stop watering it, it also passes away. This is the equivalent of paying a company of scam artist a large amount of money for a “one time marketing cost”. They blast your site on to link farms and spam your site out to millions of peoples e-mail accounts that don’t want it. This is even worse than the 1st option because this one will cost you money and could end up getting you banned from the search engines as a spammer.

3. You plant your seed and pay a professional landscaping company to come out and set up a drip system for your tree. At intervals every day your plant is watered a small amount of water and they come out to routinely fertilize it. This is how a tree can grow strong and healthy in the desert. The same goes for your website. Your site is SEOed every day. By adding a drip system of new, fresh content(water) and new links from high ranking and authority websites (fertilizer) every day, your website will grow strong and healthy and provide you with income for years to come.

Which way makes the most sense to you?

What should you look for in an SEO? (SEO is also the term used for the person or business that optimizes your website)

SEO can be a bit of a mine field. There have been multiple scams run over the years, because SEO can be expensive and results take time. So how do you find someone honest?

  • Get referrals from friends
  • Study the reviews online (I like Angie’s List personally)
  • Testimonials (call them and verify they are happy)

Who is the best SEO in Las Vegas?

That is personal preference after you find a TRUE SEO.

We love what we do and will meet with you personally and all dealings with you will be transparent and with the utmost integrity.

If that, and making money on your website interest you:

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