SEO Scams

SEO Scam: Guaranteed to Get You First Page Ranking For (10, 20, 50, 100) Keywords:

This claim CAN BE REAL! BUT – You have have to know what to ask. Here is everything you need to know about this particular SEO Scam:

  • What ‘keywords’ are the SEO scams people ranking you for and does it matter if you are #1 for a keyword?
  • Do you get to pick the keywords?
  • Are they doing anything that these SEO scams can get you banned from search engines?

Let’s cover each of these SEO scams questions one at a time:

  • What ‘keywords’ are the people running these SEO scams ranking you for and does it matter if you are #1 for a keyword?

The answer to this question is at the base of these SEO scams as a whole. They will either give you the illusion of choice (Pick from this list of keywords) or they will hope that you (not knowing any better) will pick keywords that are low traffic and easy to rank.

It doesn’t matter if you rank #1 for the name of your company (they already know who you are and were looking for you specifically), your name (Same reason – they obviously know you) or some obscure, rarely searched terms that little to no people are typing in, like “where can I find some really good pizza tonight?” into Google when they are looking for a local pizza place.

You should easily rank # 1 for this term, but the problem lies in the popularity of the search. The people running the SEO scams know there is no competition. The whole point to being # 1 is to be found and then purchased from. No matter how many ‘keywords’ they rank you for, it doesn’t matter, because the most important element is missing – YOU MAKING MONEY. No searches = no traffic = no sales + SEO scams take your money. That is the equation for these type of SEO scams at it’s simplest. The only people making money are the ones running these SEO scams!

Do you get to pick the keywords?

If you are allowed to pick your own words, watch how fast they change their minds or just hang up when you answer them like I am about to show you.

Here is what you do if given the opportunity:

Keyword Search Tool

  • Type in what you believe sums up what your customers would search to find you. For our example it would be ‘Pizza’. Type in your current site and hit Search. You will see something like this:

SEO Scams stopped by using the keyword tool

  • From the example above, you would ask for your keywords to be ‘online ordering pizza hut’ & ‘pizza hut order number’ getting 2,740,000 monthly searches each. What people running these SEO scams will try to sell you on or just give you as one of your keywords would be “pizza hut wings coupon” at 720 monthly searches. As you can see – # 1 position doesn’t mean much if no one is looking for it.

Are they doing anything that can get you banned from search engines?

They could. If they are using ‘black hat’ SEO scams (although not illegal, it is much like counting cards in the ‘Google Casino’ and you could find yourself banned for life) or spamming you out to thousands of link farms or e-mails (old school SEO scams). This may or may not get you banned, but it isn’t going to be pretty in the long run. The bad part is, all of these SEO scams techniques can get you positive results in the short term. Long enough for the people running the SEO scams to make off with your money and you left with all the long term repercussions, whatever they may be.

Please ask the right questions when dealing with anyone dealing with SEO to avoid SEO scams like this. Really good SEO companies can be hard to find, but they do exist. It also takes quite a bit a work from you as well as your SEO to get the job done right. The bottom line is – if it sounds to good to be true – it probably is. There are no magic buttons or miracle ‘Do It All With One Click’ software. If you are offered either, it is probably this or one of the other many SEO scams out there. My advice? – RUN!

Stay tuned for the next of the SEO Scams:”We Will Submit Your Website To Thousands of Search Engines!”

If you have questions about this or any of the other SEO scams we talk about, please go to our Contact Us page and drop me a line. If you feel I missed one of the new or important SEO scams out there, please bring it to my attention so we can continue to help others and stop these SEO scams in their tracks! I will be more than happy to keep expanding this list to the top 100 SEO scams, if that’s what it takes to help clean up our industry! Till next time, happy ranking!