Social Media


What Are the Basic Steps to a Successful Social Media Campaign?

Are You SocialFind People Interested in what it is you do. 

After you find your ‘crowd’ or ‘niche’ you have to give them great content. Don’t send them a marketing message every time you write. Give the quality content that they find useful. If they find what you have to say useful, guess what? They WILL be back. 

When you do get them to your social site, you need to capture their information so you can stay in touch in case they don’t frequent the site. Also make it easy for them to stay updated by offering your content as an RSS feed. 

After you have their information, it is important you stay in contact with them on a regular basis. They may not NEED what you have to offer today, but when they need it in the future or has a friend that does, who are they going to think of? You, of course.

That is the nuts and bolts of a successful social media campaign. Max Power Marketing is prepared to set your business up on the appropriate social sites and navigate you to business success. 5 things to consider when it comes to social networks:

1. Can you make videos of what you do? Can you make videos of happy customers talking about your great service? Can you take before and after pictures? Can you make a PowerPoint style presentation to show your clients how your services will help them?

Video is HOT right now. When done correctly, it can turn your profit dial to MAX.

2. Do you already market your company in offline media? You can put your social sites on your ads. It shows that you have a following and that there is more information about you and your company online and they can see what other people are saying about you and your business.

3. Make sure that you follow the written and unwritten rules of your social site. Just because your post was great for Twitter doesn’t mean it works on Facebook. It might even be viewed as SPAM. Know your social sites and the people on them before you just start posting.

4. Build relationships with people. Don’t just try to sell them your product or service. Social sites are the perfect place to get feedback and learn about you customers. Ask them their opinions. Involve them in the process. You will be surprised at how eager people are to help. 

5. Building up a huge list of ‘friends’ can make you feel like you have mastered the social site, but if they are inactive, it is all for nothing. Getting ‘friends’ is one thing, converting them to customers is another. Max Power Marketing can help you design a strategy to get your community to act on your offers.

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