Thumbtack may be a new source of business leads – STILL A BUST (11-10-2013)!


Thumbtack review failI thought I would give a new website I found a chance at getting more qualified leads. it is called “Thumbtack“. It is December 28th 2011 today. I will be coming back to update this post to let you know what my experience with it was. If you have a business, the one thing you can never have to many of is leads to new customers looking to use your products or service. I will update below as soon as I play with it more.

**Update Feb.14.2012** 

After a little over 1 and 1/2 months of using Thumbtack, I have my verdict. Beyond “paying” for premier service – I did everything I could, including paying the $7 for the background check.

I amassed 202 points and am considered a “Gold Level” member.

Sadly, I have not seen one single lead & I had such high hopes for this service.

Who knows, it still may work out – for $7 it was worth a shot and still could pay off.

If anything changes – I will be sure to update ASAP – so stay tuned!


**Update Oct. 2, 2012**

I am officially calling Thumbtack a BUST.

They need to have a way for the “winner” to pay for the lead and refund the losing bidders. I will pay $200 – $300 for a winning lead ALL DAY LONG!

Paying $2 to $3 – 100 times – is not only a waste of time and money, it can also be quite discouraging. 

Sadly, this was NOT made for web designers – it is great for clients and Thumbtack, but a losing proposition for web designers.

I hope this post will save a web designer some much needed cash, especially those new and trying to make a go of it.


**Update April 26, 2013**

Well, I went ahead and bit the bullet. I felt with the amount of people reading this post and comments, I owed it to you to try Thumbtacks ‘New’ credit based system. Leads have been flooding my inbox, but because of past experience, I have been ignoring them. 

I paid the 3 credits for a logo job at a killer price and according to the map, she lives in my neighborhood (within a few blocks). I can tell you that so far, I don’t like having NO POWER over the lead I paid for. I have NO WAY of knowing if it is real or not.

I of course will post another update in a week or 2. Although I am not happy with the way they do things, if it brings me in 1 lead, I will be pretty happy. I will be bidding on a few to give it a fair shot. i am also NOT chosing that I need more info, just a lowball price and a satisfaction guarantee.

For those wondering, here is all you get after you pay for your lead and they ‘view’ it: 

Website Reviews


As you can plainly see. It is completely out of your (the paying clients) hands and completely up to the person needing work. This is the part that seems shady to me. We will soon see.


**Update August 21, 2013**

Well, another 4 months have passed and not a single lead has come of it. I get about 2-4 emails a day with people searching for web design or graphic design, but I have yet to hear a peep from any of them. Luckily I generate my own leads, but the popularity of this experiment got me thinking. 

I am going to try and then review some other sources of lead generation. My rules are: 

  • I don’t want to spend more than $100 for a lead ($300 for a qualified one)
  • I want to see if I am in the drivers seat or if it is the client (like Thumbtack)
  • I want to see if I get any real information before AND after I pay for the lead.

I will link to my new trials at the end of this post. Also – if you find a site you would like me to test that you think looks good, leave a comment and I will check it out. 

Worst Case: I expose them 

Best Case: We all have a new source for leads.

Be back soon 🙂 


Picture of an unhappy emoticon

** Update November 10, 2013 **

I have seen some comments recently about people with some success, but it has been about a year and a half now and Thumbtack hasn’t made improvements to make it better for the suppliers of work. It seems their focus is on the client side. Although we have no way to prove it, there have been several reports of fake leads and people posting leads without them ever being checked. It may be a case of “Fake it till you make it”. As much as I would like to see them succeed (as I haven’t found a service like this that does work yet) they have only gotten worse.

If Thumbtack still comes to this site and reads this. You have focused on clients for at least 2years with nothing but complaints! You are either making money off new people that don’t know any better or you just don’t care. Show us on the working side that you trust and care about us. Give us a way to communicate (even does that much) at the VERY LEAST. Show us the leads are REAL.

I’m sure it would be better for everyone if you did. I’ll keep checking in, but so far – still a big old BUST!


Spreading the word will speed up the process of change. Share this page on Facebook & Twitter. Don’t let Thumbtack keep doing things the way they do. Make them change or go the way of Blockbuster Video.